LiteASM on Ohloh

LiteASM is now listed in Ohloh – open source directory. You can review and explore LiteASM features and quality through this Ohloh page.


LiteASM Revision 1 Released!

LiteASM revision 1 is released with following updates:

  • Introduce bininfo utility to decompile/explore LiteASM binary executables.
  • Introduce LMC style VCPU core
  • Updated demo programs and demo VCPU core

Linux and Windows distributions of latest LiteASM packages are available to download at LiteASM – download page.

LiteASM Revision 0 Released!

LiteASM Revision 0 is now available to download in here. This package contain following downloadable content:

Hello world!

Welcome to LiteASM! LiteASM is a light weight and reconfigurable Assembly language compiler and Virtual Machine. It is specially design for embedded systems to use as a portable script interface.

LiteASM is a free and open source software project and it is hosted at sourceforge,net.

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